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Feb 01, 2009· The ECE Regulation 66 refers to the integrity of the roof and is based on a rollover test,, Fig. 2. The purpose of the ECE R.66 is to ensure a superstructure of sufficient strength so that the residual space, defined in Fig. 3, stays intact both during and after the rollover test. Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 2.

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49 CFR Parts 571 and 585216 As part of a comprehensive plan for reducing the risk of rollover crashes and the risk of death and serious injury in those crashes, this final rule upgrades the agency's safety standard on roof crush resistance in several ways.. Supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking (SNPRM): Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; Roof Crush …


Furthermore, the reinforced roof design meets the ECE R-29 crush test and the reinforced door structure allows doors to be opened after a collision. POWER WITH EFFICIENCY. Having power is one thing, having power and efficiency is MAN’s thing. With either a 12.5L or 15.2L, six-cylinder engine featuring common rail injection and ...

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Occupant protection of vehicle cab is required for all the commercial vehicles. According to ECE R29-03 amendments, the simulation methods of the front pillar impact test and the side 20° pendulum impact of the roof strength test for a light truck with a gross mass not exceeding 7.5t are proposed. In this study, a reliable finite element model of a light truck is built by using its …

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Mar 07, 2017· As an example, one OEM's published literature stated that its custom cab exceeds the minimum requirements of J2420 by a factor of two. Another said the requirements of J2422 were exceeded by a factor of five. Another said its cab roof could withstand a roof crush test several times more than what is required by ECE 29.

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Aug 06, 2014· We also examined the school bus roof crush standard set forth in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 220, "School bus rollover protection," but chose to base our new standard on ECE R.66's complete vehicle test because the latter appears to more closely simulate a real-world rollover crash involving the large bus types that ...

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All Champion Bus models are in compliance with the rigorous requirements of FMVSS No. 220 and ECE r.66 rollover safety tests. In the strict FMVSS test protocol, the steel cage structure of a Champion shuttle bus model was evaluated without a skin or laminate and met a roof crush safety standard that ensured emergency exits remained operational ...

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Figure 3. T est setup for the ECE-R66 rollove r test, with marked Center of Gravity (CG) of the bus. (a) bus placed onto the. ... static roof crush resistance test (according to FMVSS 22 0).

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Crash related simulation (FMVSS, ECE regulation and NCAP) FMVSS 208: Occupant Injury Criteria regulating standards for instrument panel, knee bolster, and body structural systems FMVSS 214: Side Impact Protection FMVSS 216: Roof Crush Resistance

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Roof crush is the failure and displacement of an automobile roof into the passenger compartment during a rollover accident.. Every year approximately 10,000 Americans are killed in rollover accidents, accounting for about 30% of all light vehicle occupant fatalities. The number of occupant injuries is significantly higher. The relationship between injury levels and intrusion or roof crush …


the assessment of bus superstructure and roof. This thesis discusses the development of a finite element (FE) model of a bus, and the analysis of its roof crush and rollover in LS-DYNA. The FE model was validated for the roof crush test carried according to the standard bus procurement guidelines (SBPG). ADAMS-View

Strength analysis of bus superstructure according to ...

o As part of the above, current ECE R-66 technical requirements should be reviewed with regard to the increased energy that passengers wearing seat belts will impart to a vehicle's structure during a rollover accident. If excessive roof crush is observed from accidents involving R-66 compliant vehicles (and where passengers wore their

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Crash related simulation (FMVSS, ECE regulation and NCAP) FMVSS 208: Occupant Injury Criteria regulating standards for instrument panel, knee bolster, and body structural systems FMVSS 214: Side Impact Protection FMVSS 216: Roof Crush Resistance

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As per ECE R 66 based bus rollover simulation: As per ECE R 21, Test A - Pendulum impact, Test B - Roof Crush Strength and Test C - Rear impact; Drop Simulation; Fatigue life prediction; Composite Structures; Aerodynamics. Simgrosys provides services in aerodynamics of automotive vehicles such as cars and trucks. It has already executed number ...

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Roof Crush Rig Our roof crush rig is designed to conduct tests on both passenger cars and large goods vehicle cabs, according to Federal Standard FMVSS 216. Large goods vehicles are tested with the load distributed across the roof structure; full height cabs can be accommodated on chassis sections.

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constitutes both side impact and roof crush) as per ECE-R29.03 and the intrusions are recorded. It is found that the Baseline Cab is failed for crash and there is a need for strengthening the cab by adding few reinforcements at different locations [5].

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of ECE-R66 test. While the paratransit fleet is outnumbered by the regular transit buses, and experimental testing of the buses seems to be prohibitively expensive to local manufacturers, the FE simulations provide viable insight into the bus strength. Keywords: Rollover, UN-ECE Regulation 66 (ECE-R66), Roof crush, FMVSS 220, crashworthiness


The relationship of roof crush and strength to injury is the fundamental issue in determining whether roof strength standards (including FMVSS 216) might be of value in Australia. It has long been taken for granted that roof crush is directly and causally related to occupant injury. It is envisaged that the roof is


ROOF STRENGTH ANALYSIS OF A TRUCK IN THE EVENT OF A ROLLOVER Daniel Esaw 1* and A G Thakur *Corresponding Author: Daniel Esaw [email protected] In an event of a rollover of any vehicle, there are fatal injuries to the driver and passenger. Regulation & standards for FMVSS 216 and ECE R29 takes into the tests the cabin for roof strength.

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according to ECE R.66 and FE model for testing by computer simulation. Fig.9 Rollover test setup according to ECE R.66 [11] Fig.10 FE model of bus hits the ground Occurrences of roof crushes are more in Earthmoving machines as they work on slopes or uneven surfaces. Also the possibilities of falling objects on roof or operator's cabin are more.

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4.4.2. The number of this Regulation, followed by the Letter "R", a dash and the approval number to the right of the circle prescribed in Paragraph 4.4.1.; 4.5. If the vehicle conforms to a vehicle type approved, under one or more other Regulations annexed to the Agreement, in the country which has granted approval under this

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evaluate roof crush resistance and the potential for the increased preservation of the occupant survival space. II. METHODS United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Regulation 29, implemented in 1974, lays out uniform provisions for commercial vehicles, including heavy trucks [16].

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May 01, 2014· 2. Analysis of bus superstructure. Pursuant to Regulation No. 66 of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) strength tests of the superstructure are applied to all single deck rigid or articulated vehicles designed and constructed for transportation of over 22 seated or standing passengers, excluding the driver and crew.

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InterRegs are the premier online resource for up-to-date, global vehicle safety and emissions regulations. If you are an OEM, an automotive component manufacturer or a supplier to the vehicle manufacturing industry, you don't have to struggle to search for current vehicle regulations - InterRegs does that for you.

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